Made in LA Biennial Artist List Announced!

LA is finally getting its own biennial — although, at this point it is just an exhibition with intent to continue biannually… Organized by the Hammer Museum in conjunction with LA><ART, and taking place in several locations including the Hammer, LA><ART, and LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park as well as a special weekend “Biennial within a Biennial,” the Venice Beach Biennial on Ocean Front Walk, the exhibition is set to showcase some exciting emerging artists as well as local favorites. The recently announced list is included below with some representative images (note: many of the artists are multi-media and sound artists and are not best represented through static visual imagery):

Scoli Acosta

Scoli Acosta, Rising Night Lilly, White

Kathryn Andrews

Kathryn Andrews, Bowman, 2011, aluminum, paper, ink

Animal Charm
Math Bass
Scott Benzel
Sarah Cain

Sarah Cain, As You Continue to Walk Forward, 2008

Sarah Conaway

Sarah Conaway, Foam Fold 1, Black & white c-print, 2008

Fiona Connor

Fiona Connor, Murals and Print, Installation at Various Small Fires, Venice, CA, 2012

Kate Costello

Kate Costello, Tattooed Ladies, Wallspace gallery

Meg Cranston

Meg Cranston, 2006

Nzuji de Magalhães

Nzuji de Magelhaes, One More River to Cross, 2006, fabric paint on felt

Michelle Dizon

Michelle Dizon, Empire, Luckman Gallery, Cal State LA

Roy Dowell

Roy Dowell, Untitled (#995), 2010

Zackary Drucker

Zackary Drucker and Manuel Vason, excerpt from Don't Look At Me Like That, 2010

Patricia Fernández

Patricia Fernandez Carcedo, Left, After 1975

Cayetano Ferrer
Dan Finsel

Dan Finsel, I Would Love Farrah, Farrah, Farrah (I), 2009, still from HD video

Morgan Fisher
Simone Forti
Liz Glynn

Liz Glynn, On the Museum's Ruins (Morris-Hunt - Corbusier - Piano), detail

Mark Hagen

Mark Hagen, To Be Titled (Additive Painting #27), 2011

Zach Harris

Zach Harris, 247th Heaven

Kenyatta A. C. Hinkle

Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle, The Take Over, 2009

Channa Horwitz

Channa Horwitz, Variation + Invertion on a Rhythm Matrix #1, 1990

Pearl C. Hsiung

Pearl C. Hsiung, And We Want It Now, 2010

Ashley Hunt

Ashley Hunt, As Flowers Turn Toward the Sun, The Contemporary Museum, 2006

Vishal Jugdeo

Vishal Jugdeo, Square Configuration (Decorum) Study, 2009, HD Video projection

Mimi Lauter

Mimi Lauter, Frauline Freude, 2010

Thomas Lawson

Thomas Lawson, Stars, 2009

Nery Gabriel Lemus

Nery Gabriel Lemus, Until the Day Breaks and Shadows Flee, 2010, Installation at Project Row Houses, Houston

Dashiell Manley

Dashiell Manley, Untitled (alphabet g), 2011

Allison Miller
Nicole Miller
Meleko Mokgosi

Meleko Mokgosi, Pax Afrikaner: Full Belly (parts 2 and 4)

Zac Monday

Zac Monday, Blue Figure, 2006

Ruby Neri

Ruby Neri, Untitled (Painted Ceramic), 2011

D’Ette Nogle

D'Ette Nogle, Reality/Relax, 2011

Alex Olson

Alex Olson, Iterations, 2012

Michele O’Marah

Michele O'Marah, A Girl's got to Do What a Girl's Got to Do, 2009, installation

Camilo Ontiveros

Camilo Ontiveros, Temporary Storage

Joel Otterson

Joel Otterson, Queen of Rock, 1994

Karthik Pandian

Karthik Pandian, Darkroom (still from the film Kunst-Wet), 2008

The Propeller Group
Vincent Ramos
Laura Riboli

Laura Riboli, Untitled (triangles), 2009

Ry Rocklen

Ry Rocklen, Two Faced Vase, 2010

Miljohn Ruperto

Miljohn Ruperto, Spherical Projections of Rectangles in Mirror Symmetry with Black Circle, 2011, HD Video

Analia Saban

Analia Saban, Fade Out (from Black) #2, 2011

Brian Sharp
Ryan Sluggett

Ryan Sluggett, Untitled, 2011, projected digital video

David Snyder
Jill Spector

Jill Spector, Collage study #2, 2008

Koki Tanaka
Henry Taylor

Henry Taylor, Untitled, 2004

Caroline Thomas
Cody Trepte

Cody Trepte, Its Endless Undoing, 2012

Erika Vogt

Erika Vogt, Centennial Tin, 2006

Lisa Williamson

Lisa Williamson, Untitled (Sag), 2008

Brenna Youngblood

Brenna Youngblood, The Army, 2005

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