ZERO DOWN; A one-night multimedia art event

ZERO DOWN is a festive one-night art event happening on Saturday, June 1, 2013 in the studios and on the premises of the 1019WEST Artists Studio Building in Inglewood. For the first time, multidisciplinary artists from 1019WEST team up with curators, Catlin Moore, Marielos Zeka, and Matthew Gardocki from 5790 Projects, to bring alive the site for an exciting evening of performance art, music, group exhibition, and open studios staged at the massive retrofit building that appeared two years ago on the LA art scene.

JungHwa Lee

JungHwa Lee

More than 30 artists’ studios at 1019WEST will be open to the public from 5-9pm, while 5790 Projects’ eight invited performance artists will be intervening throughout the site from 6-8pm. Food and drinks will be available throughout the evening, and visitors will find ample parking both on the grounds (entrance on West Manchester just west of the Hindry intersection), and on the street. Several art models from The Gallery Girls will act as hostesses for the evening.

“It’s always interesting visiting with the artists here because everybody is unique and there’s no single style. Plus, there’s an LA sort of logic to having art studios in an old automobile dealership,” said Scott Grieger, tenant artist and Professor of Art at Otis College of Art and Design.

Jesus Max

Jesus Max

Participating artists from 1019WEST are:

Susan Amorde, January Parkos Arnall, Michele Asselin, Lee Clarke, Nicole Claudette, Steve Daly, Jeanne Dunn, Catherine Fairbanks, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Rives Granade, Scott Grieger, Jennifer Hattem, Claire Jackel, Steve Jakobsen, So Young Jang, Rachel Kaster, Henry Kitchen, JungHwa Lee, Alma Lopez, Stuart Marcus, Jesus Max, Melanie Newcombe, David Peters, Jeff Peters, Kour Pour, Jan Scruton, Jim Self, Kiki Seror, David Spanbock, Ernie Steiner, Michele Troxell, Liza Vosbigian, Pontus Wilfors, Joey Wolf.

Participating artists from 5790 Projects are: Patricia Burns, Andrea Breiling, Lenae Day, Crystal Erlendson, Nuttaphol Ma, Christy Roberts, Chris Silva, and Allison Wyper.

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