It’s rainy, let’s go see some art!

Look out Los Angeles, if you weren’t planning to indulge in some art viewership this weekend, this may change your mind! Not only have hundreds of international galleries descended on us with the LA Art Show at the Convention Center, and Art Los Angeles Contemporary at Barker Hanger, but also at least 19 area museums are offering free admission this weekend.

Events to check out associated with Art LA Contemporary include:

  • Jim Shaw’s The Hole and The Whole presented by MOCAtv at ALAC today (Thursday, January 24th) and MOCAtv will again be a spotlight for ALAC on Saturday from 5-7pm with “Feast of Burden”
  • “It’s not you, it’s me, I will always love you dear” by Jon Pylypchuk will premier as a large-scale installation at ALAC’s entrance.
  • Also a part of ALAC, director Jodi Willie will present “The Source Family” with original members of the family in attendance at 4pm on Friday, January 25th at Santa Monica Airport’s Ruskin Theater
  • The Ruskin Theater will host another ALAC event, Saturday, January 26th at 2pm with Ry Rocklen’s “Trophy Modern” followed by Scott Benze’s “W.W.A.R./Die Dritte Generation” at 4pm
  • Machine Project is presenting “Paris At Your Home” at 5pm on Saturday in their space on North Alvarado as part of the Ceci N’Est Pas series
  • Night Gallery will also be holding their Grand Opening Saturday night from 8-10pm in their new space at 2276 E. 16th St.
  • Closing the ALAC fair, the Los Angeles Free Music Society will give a talk presented by East of Borneo at 2pm Sunday, January 27th.

Free museums:

Free museum Jan 2013

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